Welcome to the Official site of the CQSC Steering Committee.

                 The CQSC has summarized information provided by CPI Crown Properties International, the accuracy of which

                 we cannot guarantee, and in some cases, we are providing only the opinion of the CQSC.



                                                                                                                     ALL INVESTORS

                                                                                         Please check the website regularly for all important updates.

If you are NOT receiving regular email updates from the CQSC currently please email us with all your contact information: NAME, MAILING ADDRESS, EMAIL, CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS.  Also include which company you  are invested in (CPI Crown Properties  or Quotavest Inc ) and the applicable projects.    

                                                                                                We will make sure you get added to our email updates.

                                                                       HELPFUL WEBSITE HINT

Any text that is underlined you can click on it to open up an attachment that is automatically linked.

We no longer post on going updates to the general public and alternatively we send correspondence directly to plaintiffs. If you are a plaintiff and have not been receiving updates please email the cqsc2010@gmail.com

                                                      WEBSITE LAST UPDATED OCTOBER 30, 2013


We emailed all Plaintiffs October 29, 2013 our reply to the Memo Judith Dutton sent to investors. If you are a plaintiff and have not received this update please contact us at cqsc2010@gmail.com





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